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Emma Wallace is an emerging ready-to-wear womenswear brand from Hong Kong. Mixing modern cutwork with vintage elegance and an East meets West fusion design style. This brand is for the edgier nostalgic fashionista.
The brands designer and founder Emma Wallace is a British Designer who moved to Hong Kong in 2009 and launched the first Emma WallaceCollection in 2014.
Emma splits her time between the brand and her work as the designer and stylist for China's hottest Pop Singer G.E.M. Using her experiences of working on concert costumes and music video costumes to inspire the edgier side of her collections.

Emma Wallace


Shili Patel is a stunning, soft-spoken and extremely talented emerging designer in the city. Born in India and raised in Hong Kong, she grew up loving art and design. In 2014, Patel decided to take a short course at the Raffles International College to pursue her career in fashion. It was 6-months into her course that she decided fashion designing in the classroom was not for her. She wanted to dive right into the business and start something on her own.

Her extremely unconventional approach of constructing unique and one-of-a-kind dresses leave everyone who is in sight of you with their jaw hanging. It is not only her intense chic styling that is worth every penny, but the quality of the fabrics she uses will ensure your investment will last many years. 



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